Wednesday, September 14, 2005

FORGET THE NAME: from Alessandra Carter (SIS)

Young Scholars, I am posting this for Alessandra. We will work on our blog in seminar tomorrow.

Dr. Gayles, I tried to post my "blog, but was couldn't. Here is the comment I wanted to post."

"Now you know Katrina is black.Got to be, with a name like that!" (She laughs) I heard a student say that just a few days after the storm. I'm thinking, "There are thousands of people trapped in a sewage-infested city and all you can do is make fun of the name!" I felt like yelling at her, screaming really, and then dragging her to the t.v. and making her look at the faces of the people who were suffering, dying or already dead in what's left of The Big Easy . Where was her empathy, her anger, her frustration? Didn't she feel at all saddened by the catastrophe?

I researched the etymology of Katrina. Don't see anything about black people... Katrina Variant short form of //Katherine '); //]]> Katherine (Greek) "pure." Apparently Katrina means pure. It is purely coincidence that this catasrophe has a "black name." It is out of pure ignorance that someone would make a comment like that during such a critical time. It is purely disgraceful to watch the constant fudge-ups committed by our federal government. It is purlely embarrassing to watch how poorly someone who could easily be our brother, sister mother or father be treated by our government. The storm was purely a natural dissaster. Let's refocus our energy and clean this mess up. Forget the name!


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